October 25, 2013

Halloween Bag Tutorial

At Kiddie Academy, our teachers love creating Halloween-themed crafts with children.   At home, collaborating on a project with your children is a great way to share their excitement and create a special keepsake that they can use year after year.  Here’s a fun project designed by Kiddie Academy that you can create together.  Younger children can help with choosing the colors and adding embellishments, while older children can learn basic sewing skills.   Parental help will keep everyone safe, and turns this project into a memory for both of you.

How to Make a Custom Trick or Treat Bag


1/2 yard of craft felt

42″ of webbing for handles

Orange and black thread


Sewing Machine OR  Hand Sewing Needle, Fabric Glue or Glue Gun for assembling pieces

Embellishments of choice (ribbon, foam shapes, markers, etc.)

Directions (see photo for more details)

  1. Cut 2 pieces of felt 18″ x 18″ square.
  2. Holding both pieces together, cut a 3″ square from bottom corners.
  3. Cut two 22″ handles from webbing
  4. Attach handles to top of bag as shown.
  5. Turn down a small hem (see photo) and stitch top of bags with unfinished edge of handles on the inside.  That now becomes the wrong side of the bag.
  6. Place both bag pieces RIGHT side together and pin 2 long sides and bottom.  Sew along these three spots (see photo).  Do NOT sew the cut out areas on the bottom corners yet.  Note: First, sew a straight stitch and then go back and sew a zig zag stitch to reinforce the bag’s seams.
  7. Create the gussets of the bag.  Following photo, line up the side and bottom seams you sewed in step 6 and pin the corner flat. Sew twice, once straight stitch and once zig zag.
  8. Turn the bag right side out and decorate with your child.   Here are a few ideas for items you can use to embellish the bag:

The bag can be made in any color you like.  Ask your child what he or she would like, or choose materials to match their costume.  Here’s another example of a Trick or Treat bag using the same pattern that a glamour girl would love to carry on Halloween night:

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