May 11, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day! Advice for Celebrating Mom.

Mom–she’s one in a million and we love her!

Each year on the second Sunday in May, we celebrate that most important woman in our lives–Mom. She is often the center of our universe, providing love and guidance each day, cheering our victories, wiping our tears and laughing at our jokes. She helps with our school projects, bakes, shops, folds a never-ending mountain of clothing and shows us in countless ways how special we are to her every day.

This day devoted to motherhood is well deserved. Here are simple suggestions for honoring the Mom in your life.


Sleeping in.

From sunup to sundown, Mom is busy. She often sacrifices her own sleep to make sure everyone else is up and at ’em. This Sunday, turn the alarm off, keep the kids quiet and let Mom sleep in. Then surprise her with a yummy breakfast in bed. Chocolate croissant–yes, please!


A little peace and quiet–just for her.

Life is hectic with the hustle and bustle of daily life–getting the kids to school, sports, and other family activities. She might think it impossible to set time alone for just her. After her breakfast in bed, draw her a bubble bath so she can relax in the tub with a good book, scented candles and a soothing cup of tea.


Cards, flowers and … vacuuming ?

A sweet card can be the way to her heart and homemade versions can become treasured keepsakes.  A beautiful bouquet, whether picked from the field or picked up at the florist are a lovely expression of your appreciation.

But imagine her delight when she discovers the house is gleaming as her family pitches in to dust, clean, do the laundry and tidy up.

Of course, a well thought out gift, such as jewelry or her favorite perfume, is always in style.


Dinner for three, four or more!

What mom doesn’t appreciate a meal she does not have to prepare. Dining out is always an option, yet cooking at home can be the best time to spend together. Every family member can be involved: setting a pretty table with the best china, older children can help clean vegetables and make salad while the grown-ups can grill her favorite meat, chicken or fish. The more adventurous among you can bake a delectable dessert to top off the meal.


Thank you!

Be sure to tell let her know just how much you appreciate her, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day. Those two little words mean so much!

To all of our Moms, we salute you, wishing you a very peaceful and Happy Mother’s Day!


Thank you for reading along, as we work together in raising the next generation of amazing kids!


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