February 15, 2017

How to Learn STEM With Leftover Candy Hearts

Some people buy conversation candy hearts because they’re a Valentine’s Day tradition. Some people buy conversation candy hearts as a festive gift that sends a short and sweet message like nothing else can. Some people might even buy conversation candy hearts because they think they taste good. But when Valentine’s Day is over, everyone is left with a lot of conversation candy hearts and not a lot of ideas for what to do with them.

If you’ve got some extra ones on hand from Valentine’s Day earlier this week, here are three educational opportunities for using them to teach your kids science, technology, engineering and even math. Don’t throw your conversation candy hearts out just yet!…

Do a Candy Heart Science Experiment

Use our Kiddie Academy Candy Heart Science downloadable to print and do an experiment at home with your leftover candy hearts. Drop them into different kinds of liquid to see if they will sink or float and then draw and write your observations of what happens next using the downloadable sheets!



Build a Candy Heart Wall or Tower

Stack the conversation candy hearts you have horizontally until they build a small, sweet wall. See who can build the tallest wall, and who’s wall can withstand “wind” when blown through a straw.

Try creating a tower of candy hearts as well. Measure together how big the candy hearts are and estimate how tall you think you can make your candy heart tower. Occasionally take a break from stacking hearts and measure how tall your towers are. MathGeekMama.com has the supply list and a free Conversation Heart Tower Recording Page.



Construct a Candy Heart Catapult

There are few greater satisfactions in life than catapulting candy. This is a fun activity where kids can construct and decorate their own catapults to launch candy into targets like cups, and even compare how different candies fly when catapulted. Joyintheworks.com has all the details you need for building your first candy catapult out of popsicle sticks, rubber bands and a plastic spoon.



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