Kiddie Academy Earth Day Contest

As a working mom, I often find myself leaning towards convenience. What’s the most convenient dinner option? What’s the most convenient cleaning tool? You get the idea.

Usually while striving for convenience I often overlook environmental factors. This is typically because I’m looking for the best deal, whether it be a cost factor or time saver. Okay fine, I’ll also admit the thought of “going green” sounds daunting. But I’m learning that convenience and eco-friendly often go hand-in-hand, even for working moms like myself. Something as simple as turning off the faucet while my kids brush their teeth and reminding my family to switch off a light are easy habits I can jump on board with. What about you? What are your eco-friendly tips for the working parent?

In honor of Earth Day, Kiddie Academy is holding a three day contest to promote a more eco-friendly world. Just use the hashtag #KiddieEarthDay and post a photo or comment about what you’re doing to protect planet Earth in the social media platform of your choice. The winner will be announced on April 24 and will receive a $50 Visa gift card. Don’t forget, you must use the hashtag #KiddieEarthDay to qualify.

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