Volunteering as a Family

“Today, families are finding new ways to spend time together-and volunteering is one way to do just that. It can benefit a child’s psychological, social and intellectual development through new learning experiences and the development of new skills,” says Richard Peterson, vice president of for Kiddie Academy® Child Care Learning Centers. “Volunteering together as a family provides quality time, strengthens family communication and provides opportunities for family members to be role models and pass on family values to children.”

Character education is a critical part of Kiddie Academy’s Life Essentials® curriculum. Volunteering supports the character education pillar of Life Essentials by increasing self-esteem, instilling a sense of responsibility, and helping children develop new social skills. It also helps children develop empathy and learn that one person can make a difference. Our program teaches even the youngest students to practice generosity in a developmentally appropriate fashion.

Here are a few tips for nurturing your child’s generous spirit during the holidays and throughout the year:

  • Generosity isn’t only about donating money — your time and talents are a great way to share.
  • Demonstrate that generosity should be a year round activity.
  • Read books that highlight the importance of kindness. For example, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and The Lion and the Mouse by Aesop are three top books with a generous theme. Consider adding them to your home library to reinforce the importance of giving.
  • Point out examples of generosity that you witness in your daily lives.
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