Kiddie Community Friday: Educational Programming

Education, Parenting and Child Care News for the Week of October 19, 2015

This week’s Kiddie Community Friday series features some of the most mom-newsworthy things from around the web this week including links from The Baltimore Sun, Yahoo! Parenting, and more. In case you’re reading this while in the presence of children competing for your attention, we’ll jump right in…

Kiddie Academy’s Director of Curriculum, Renee Thompson sees some value in the premise. “Kids need to feel safe to assert some control, and parents can make it a positive experience by modeling language and remaining calm.” Until I figure out how to turn my son’s resistance to wearing pants into a positive experience for me, I will just take Renee’s advice and remain calm.

Did you read something newsworthy this week other parents need to see? Tell us in an email and we might include it in the next roundup.  

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