What are your kids up to these days?

Conversation Starters

When it comes to catching up with friends who are also parents, the one question I love to ask them is, “so, what fun things is your child doing right now?” And, now that I am a mom of an actual preschooler, I ask, “what are they learning? Saying? Singing?” and beyond. Since our kids are forever changing and constantly growing, the answers are always different: learning to walk, reciting the ABC’s, riding their sibling like a pony, jumping off the top bunk bed, hugging you back (finally), wearing the colors of the rainbow in one outfit, and more. It’s a great conversation starter and people love to talk about their kids when prompted (and share cell phone photo footage of the latest happenings).

For parents of kids who are just a few months older than mine, their answers can sometimes offer a glimpse into the future of what I should expect my kids might be doing next (since I’m hardly ever prepared for the impending milestones as it is). If my friend’s 17 month old just said her first word, I can bet my 15 month old will be sputtering comprehensible sounds soon, too. If my other friend’s 5  year old is reading full sentences from a book by herself, I know my 4 year old won’t be far behind.

As parents, our stories are our lifeblood. That time your toddler said “that’s RIDICULOUS!” for the first time, and then 80 more times. When you got a reciprocal kiss on the cheek last week. When your baby pointed at something and smiled toothlessly. The pleasure and joy of sharing experiences, milestones and stories about our kids help build memories that will last a lifetime, and also create a bond between us that we’ll always have in common: parenthood. It’s the one conversation we’ll never struggle through, feel awkward about, avoid, or need help with: talking about our kids.

So, what fun things is your child doing right now? Blowing kisses? Writing their name? Waving goodbye? I can’t wait to hear.

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