March 17, 2017

Learning Through Play at Kiddie Academy

learningthroughplayThe early years are the most critically important in shaping learning and development for young children.

This April, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), an early childhood education association and accreditor, will focus attention on the importance of quality education for young children with their annual “Week of the Young Child” celebration across the United States from April 24-28, 2017.

The event seeks to raise awareness about the importance of quality early education by promoting learning through play, giving children opportunities to have fun as they explore topics like music, math, science, technology and art.

Play is the most important and effective way that young children learn. Through playing, children can learn social, emotional, physical and cognitive components of the real world around them, all the while retaining key information and refining skill sets as they have fun. As children play, they build important social-emotional connections with both adults and peers, and begin to grasp character values like respect and tolerance that prepare them for life.

Since playing comes so naturally to young children, it expands their creativity allowing them to practice adult roles through pretend or imaginative play. It also offers young children the opportunity to socialize, problem solve, explore and discover without pressure or judgment from parents or teachers, allowing them to fully express themselves as artists, leaders, athletes, playwrights, chefs and so much more. This kind of play builds confidence over time so children feel comfortable as they meet challenges in life, and persevere to overcome obstacles and try new things.

According to NAEYC, when children play, they are thinking, innovating, negotiating and taking risks. They create make-believe events and scenarios as they practice skills they’ve learned. Early learning settings are the best environments within which to practice these skills and attitudes because they’re safe places to take risks and try new ideas and new possibilities.

Kiddie Academy locations across the United States will be participating in the Week of the Young Child celebration with themed days for the week of April 24, starting with MUSIC DAY! We’ll be sharing some of the highlights from Kiddie Academy WOYC celebrations on social media with #woyc2017.

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