Lunch Mommy

It’s the first week of summer vacation and I am on a cloud because I slid right into home plate during the final days of school to score a winning “Working Moms Can Participate at School” point for us all.  After ten months of school I was able to make good on the promises I made to be an active mom at school.  (It should be noted that these promises were between me and myself and I am fairly adept at forgiving myself when I don’t deliver.)

I successfully ended the “Mommy, can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE work in the lunchroom today? Abby’s mom does it every week,” refrain. 

So, I spent my lunch hour opening juice boxes and passing out forks.  I left out my lectures on why you should eat vegetables before ice cream and just enjoyed the milk mustaches and sugar cookie entrees.  I watched my Kindergartner diligently spreading cheese on the crackers I packed him just as I had imagined he would.   When he first looked up and saw me there the joy on his face was priceless. 

Finally, you’re here,” he said.  Ouch. “Can you be a Room Mom next year?” Sucker punched by a 6-year-old.

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