September 2, 2011

The Magic Robe

I have a magic robe. My husband surprised me with this red fleece robe a few weeks before I gave birth to our daughter. It was intended to keep me cozy during my maternity leave in the middle of winter. I have learned, however, that it possesses magic powers. These powers don’t allow me to suddenly whisk away to another time or place, or make me disappear or even make me Super Mommy, but it does have the ability to calm and soothe my daughter into a nap…or her happy place.

I’ve been wearing it since she was a newborn and noticed recently she has an affinity for it. If she sees it, she suddenly lights up and lunges for it. Literally, lunges. If she gets her hands on it, she smothers her face with it. It’s become her blankey, or lovie. Case in point, I had a friend over a few weekends back and my daughter had yet to take her afternoon nap. Her crankiness was at an all-time high. After attempting to soothe her into a nap and then 20 minutes of her crying in her crib without any signs of slowing down, I got desperate. Visions of a fitful night sleep were popping into my head and I knew I had to make a move. I threw on the robe and scooped her up. In less than two minutes she had buried her head into the robe and fallen asleep. Granted I was immobile for an hour while she slept on me, but it’s the price to pay for a happy baby.

Now, I’m wondering if she needs this robe more than I do. And am I encouraging her to become dependent on a physical thing to be soothed? Should I cut a square out of the robe to give to her, or is wearing it at bedtime enough? What’s your advice and what have other moms done with lovies?

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