April 13, 2012

When Every Minute is Accounted For

Since becoming a mother my life has transformed into a living, breathing schedule. Every minute is accounted for, slots of time have specific activities assigned to them, routines have become critical to maintaining order and each action is pre-calculated.

Gone is a time when days were fluid and free; errands could be run at a moment’s notice, dinner plans could be made while walking out the door and “me” time was all the time.

Here are a few of my examples:

 Even when my husband innocently asks if I would be interested in taking our daughter to the farmer’s market on Sunday, I cringe. Not because I have some animosity towards fresh fruit but because it’s a pre-arranged event in my otherwise free-flowing weekend.

 Some of this may be contributed to my Type A personality, but certainly there is some truth to it as well. However, every time I get frustrated with my lack of freedom, or sleep for that matter, I remember that there is a very beautiful reason for it – my daughter.

How do you cope with the daily routines, schedules and details of parenthood? Do you struggle or are there tips on how to be more chill?

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