July 27, 2016

Mommy + Me Date Ideas


The relationships we have with our children are those we cherish the most, and we all want to have a close relationship with the little ones in our lives that extends beyond their childhood cementing a special bond for a lifetime. Strengthening relationships with our children can sometimes boil down to just one simple thing: spending time with them.

Depending on their language of love, quality time can offer a lot of meaningful and significant builders for strong mommy-and-me ties. If your child loves to do things with you like watch movies, go out to eat, run errands and play games, they might be hinting that quality time with you is truly valued by them. Likewise, if your little one is prone to asking you to sit with them often, watch them or tries to get your undivided attention, they might be showing you they want to spend more time with you one-on-one.

Here are a few simple ways you can get some one-on-one time with your child that gets you both in touch with the sweet and profoundly important act of spending quality time together:

Cloud spotting: Lay a blanket in the yard for two and look up at the sky to find clouds shaped like animals and shapes. Talk about the different shapes you both see and how a different perspective can show you new possibilities.

Mani/Pedis: Let your little one feel how luxurious and comfortable a seat in the big chair at the salon can feel when getting a pedicure with a foot massage. Sit next to each other and talk about your day.

Tea for Two: Enjoying a little bit of tea time for two is a great way to reconnect through either pretend play or a real-life visit to a local tea café. Either way, frosted donuts with colored sprinkles from Dunkin’ Donuts can add a yummy touch to your team time and get you both nodding your heads in excitement.

Ice Cream Sundae bar: Prepare a few topping ingredients on your kitchen island or table and build your own ice cream sundaes with bananas, sprinkles and whipped cream. This is a classic mommy and me date idea you can also take on the road for a gelato trip to Rita’s. Extra custard, please.

Riding bikes: If your little is ready to hit the sidewalk with a two-wheeler, try following close behind or pedal side-by-side on the pavement to a new adventure. A quick ride to a downtown café, nearby elementary school playground or just a neighbor’s house can be a fun getaway from the mundane school night sitting at home.

Sushi: While most sushi restaurants will have a kid-friendly menu for picky eaters with things like chicken strips, a sushi date with mom can be a fun way to share something with your child that you like and hope they will, too, someday!

Lunch surprise: Surprise your kiddo by picking them up from school early one day and taking them to lunch one-on-one unexpectedly. They’ll remember it always.

Yoga: Take a mommy and me yoga class together or try watching a yoga program on Netflix and do it together over your morning coffee.

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