August 25, 2011

What Mommy Learned this Summer

Now that our Great Summer Road Trip of 2011 is complete and everyone has limbs in tact, there are few tips that I recorded to carry forward and apply to our Great Holiday Road Trips of 2011 that will happen in only a few short months:

Tip 1:

Sign up for RedBox email coupons.  We stopped at this bright red kiosk of sanity no fewer than 4 times during our 14 hours on the open road.  One dollar can buy 90 minutes of bliss with one of these located at any exit you choose to take.  If you subscribe to their emails, you’ll get freebies and discounts. 

Tip 2:

Visit the library mid-week for the best selection of PlayAways.  These gems are audio books for all ages (including titles for pre-schoolers) that are self-contained—no player is required.  Take them out of the case and they fit into the palm of your hand, just add your own ear buds.  A nice change of pace for the kids to engage only one sense at a time. Imagine that!

Tip 3:

Get yourself an incredibly generous crafty friend.  Mine—and I don’t share in case you are wondering—made my children an “up-cycled” bag filled with clever tricks to keep them happy.  A simple cookie sheet as art/food tray for the car, a bottle of bubbles with a tag that reads, “Blow these out the window please!” and washable markers with a pad of white paper.  Miraculous and looks great with any outfit!

Our winter road trip will be a cinch to prepare because of what I learned this summer.

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