Welcome to Mommyhood

There appears to be a time where you officially step back and think “I’m a mom.” I knew it would come one day, but the way it came about is not exactly what I pictured.

Here’s how I envisioned this life-changing moment:

My daughter and I would be at the park on a glorious spring day, spread out on a blanket, enjoying the warm weather and playing with toys. Of course, I never had to worry about bouts of crying and fussiness, preventing us from going places or enjoying a day out together. No, no…we would be laughing together and giggling without a care in the world. And then, the sun would shine perfectly down upon her sun bonnet, which matched her perfectly coordinated outfit and I would see her beautiful face and know … I’m a mommy. 

I envisioned this while still pregnant, of course.

Here’s how the lovely moment really went:

I walked out of my house on a Thursday morning, diaper bag slung over my shoulder and carrying a breast pump, which could be confused with a nuclear weapon due to the monstrosity of a case. I crossed the street to my car, balancing my three bags and car seat carrying my three-month-old daughter, only to find it covered with bird droppings. My hair had barely been brushed, I smelled like throw up and my outfit was dreary. Then the sun shone down on my lovely daughter, who had spit up soaking her mix-matched, unseasonable outfit and as she looked up at me crying, I thought…so this is mommyhood.

When did you have that “I’m a mom” moment?

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