It’s a Nice Day to Start Again

Okay, Monday.  Let’s do this.  You’ve taunted me all weekend with your early alarm.  Sunday night, my home’s floors were clean and the children’s clothes were folded and put away leaving a mere 2/3 of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the laundry room for the next climb. 

Between the alarm’s screams and putting on our shoes at the door, my family was able to check off every scheduled task. I served hot oatmeal and made my second cup of coffee to go.  At the door I realized that I neglected to pack lunches and, whammo! Monday wins.  So I broke the news that the kids would be in the lunch line at the cafeteria and after they checked the menu, my daughter said, “Don’t worry Mommy, you picked a good day to be a bad mom.  Today corndogs are on the menu!” 

Timing really is everything.

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