August 15, 2018

Partners in Raising Your Children

At Kiddie Academy, we consider ourselves to be partners in raising your child. These partnerships support family well-being and help you to meet your goals. Strong, healthy relationships between Kiddie Academy and our families help children become successful in school and life. We believe consistency is key in raising a confident, thriving child.

Here are a few of the ways we bring this partnership to life on a daily basis.

Getting to know your family.

Our priority is learning about each child, as well as your family’s culture and values to help ensure everyone is aligned. For example, if potty training is a hot topic at home right now, we want it to be a priority while your child is at Kiddie Academy as well.

Forming positive relationships.

As with any meaningful relationship, it takes time to grow and cultivate trust. We believe responsiveness and open communication are key to forming a strong bond. It’s a learning process, and one that expands as we spend time with your family.

Prioritizing communication.

The more we share with one another, the better the outcome for your child. Whether sending home information, or meeting with you to discuss how your child is doing socially and emotionally, it is essential to communicate. For example, we share details with you about your child’s day that can be great conversation starters during your commute or at home.

Giving feedback.

By communicating with parents on a regular basis, we have the opportunity to discuss what’s happening and address any highlights or concerns. Ultimately, this helps consistency at home and in the classroom.

Our core philosophy at Kiddie Academy empowers your children to make great choices by giving them opportunities throughout their day. We engage your child by turning moments of interaction at home and school into key moments of learning. Maintaining this consistency from the classroom to the playground and your home will have a positive impact on their life.

Thank you for reading along, as we work together in raising the next generation of amazing kids!

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