July 22, 2016

The Perfect Family Movie Night at Home

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This July, we’ve been bringing you ideas for things your family can to together. We shared our tips for taking your kids to an outdoor summer movie night, but one of the best ways you can nail down some great family bonding time is to watch a movie together right in the comfort of your own home. Hosting a movie night at home on the couch can be a lot easier (and more comfortable) than lugging your blankets, pillows, snacks and kids to an outdoor venue with potentially unpredictable weather. Here are a few of our tips to help you grab a flick together in your favorite family room area at home:


Schedule your movie night! Whether Movie Monday or Flicks Friday, setting a reoccurring date and time for a movie night once a month can help everyone come to expect and anticipate the low-key family evening.




ADMIT (1)Break out some classics! It’s sad to think younger generations might grow up without ever knowing classics like the adventure-seeking Goonies, or the summer of mischief that happened in The Sandlot. Break out some of your favorite childhood classics like Blank Check, Harriet The Spy, Man of The House or Matilda, in addition to animated classics like The Little Mermaid or Land Before Time.



ADMIT (2)No screens! Lay some ground rules in advance so kids and parents are both on the same page about not using cell phones, tablets or other gaming devices during family movie night so everyone can pay attention to the family and the movie.




ADMIT (3)Popcorn! No movie night is complete without a great salty-sweet snack combination. Make it just as fun as hitting the theater by making popcorn, pizza or cookies.





ADMIT (4)Intermission: For little kids, it’s tough to give undivided attention for more than an hour, even for a movie they might love. Plan a few breaks during your family movie night so everyone remembers to take a bathroom trip, grab a drink, debrief with each other about crucial plot points and just decompress in between long takes.




ADMIT (5)Talk about it! Talk about the movie after the credits roll. Ask your kids what they loved about it the most and what they didn’t like or would have changed about the movie. Take an opportunity to discuss favorite characters and what traits made them good characters.




Tell us your favorite tips for hosting family movie nights at home and if you have a great movie snack recipe, share it in the comments!

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