March 20, 2012


As a single mom, I find myself bearing the majority of the child-rearing heavy-lifting. Occasionally (frequently), I find myself needing a little reminder that there are bigger and more important things in life than the minutiae of motherhood. In fact, I need this reminding so often that I’ve started a note on my iPhone. I thought I would share it, in the hopes that someone else (who is likely scrubbing milk out of the shag rug or cutting the crusts of the sandwiches once again) might benefit.

Children are our future: Yes, this is a song title. But it’s a song title for a reason. Society depends on the propagation of the species, and someone will need to cut the crusts of the toast when I’m old enough to be toothless. I take care of my kids now in the hopes that they will return the favor one day.

The center of the universe WILL expand: Child Development experts have studied the stages of ego development for as long as there have been children and egos to study. One thing is always the same…kids don’t realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Once you, as the adult, realize that they aren’t deliberately trying to make you insane, it’s easier to recognize that they honestly don’t know you need to get to work at a certain time. It’s just not on their radar.

Funny is a matter of opinion: The concept of “potty humor” goes along with the territory. Laugh at the gross stuff. You have to clean it up anyway.

Movies are overrated: You will never sit through an entire movie in a theatre again. Face it, that part of your life is over for the next 20 years. Get acquainted with Netflix and save yourself some money.

Your phone is not your own: No matter how hard you try, your phone will end up with children’s apps, and you will be handing it over. Get a rubber case and a screen protector. You can play Words with Friends when the kids go to bed.

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