February 10, 2016

Share Your Best Dance Songs

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This month, Kiddie Academy is celebrating its 35th birthday with a DanceParty! for all ages. Coming soon to a Kiddie Academy near you, our Birthday DanceParty! will feature some of the hottest dance moves you’ve seen since John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Well, the moves might not be that iconic, but we certainly plan to have fun dancing the winter blues away with our little ones who love to dance to anything, even the sound of the wind.

Gearing up for the big dance off, today’s #29DaysofEssentials to-do is to contribute to our crowd-sourced playlist of the best songs to dance out to with your kids, according to the best-dancing parents, of course (hint: that’s you! We know you do a mean elbow sprinkler.).

We’ll turn this list into a Spotify station you can practice to in preparation for the Feb. 27 DanceParty!, in case you haven’t “busted a move” in a while.

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