Simple Ways to Connect With your Child

All parents want to maintain a close relationship with their children. As newborns, they depend on us for everything. But, as they grow and begin their journey to independence, staying connected can become more difficult. How many times have you asked your child what they learned that day and been told “nothing?” You know that can’t be true – children learn, explore and grow every day.

So, how can you better connect with your child and get him or her to open up a bit more? The child education experts at Kiddie Academy offer the following ideas to help you continue building strong connections with your growing children:

  • Eat Dinner Together. Sharing a meal is a time-tested way to connect with one another. The conversations and connections made by assembling your family around the dinner table are priceless. Numerous studies have shown that children who eat regular meals with their family have better overall health, earn higher grades and are less likely to engage in harmful activities later in life. We believe so strongly in this concept that all Kiddie Academies offer Family Style Dining – which you won’t often find at an average daycare.
  • Let Your Child Set the Agenda. As parents, we spend a lot of our time planning and executing the family schedule. Once in a while, allow your child to choose how you’ll spend free time. To avoid planning a trip to the moon, offer two or three acceptable options for an activity, and commit to carrying out whichever your child prefers.
  • Ask for an Opinion. As you read together, or watch a movie together, ask your child’s opinion of the story. Do they think it’s funny, or sad or impossible? Show her that you value her opinion, and she’ll be more likely to share her thoughts with you.
  • Use Conversation Starters. Often, all you need to kick start a meaningful conversation is a great question. Check out Table Topics a set of printed cards with over 100 questions packaged in a table-friendly cube. Or, for free ideas, check out our new Pinterest board, Family Conversation Starters. You’ll find printable question lists and crafts to encourage family connections.
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