What’s the Best Source for Parenting Problems?

Searching for the solution to your teething infants’ sore gums? Baffled by your toddler’s refusal to use the toilet? Wondering if it’s normal for your preschooler to change outfits several times a day? You just might find the answer to these and other parenting puzzlers by going straight to an expert source: other moms.

If you’re like many working moms, you probably have very limited time to form bonds with other moms. But it’s worth taking the time. Here are some ways to meet other like-minded moms, many of whom have been through many of the same challenging child-related issues you have and can share their battles and victories.

Join a mother’s support group. Some hospitals host them; you might also find something in your community by looking online.

Enroll in a “mommy and me” class. Whether you choose music, swimming, yoga or something else, chances are you’ll get an opportunity to do what really matters—connect with other mothers.

Strike up conversations with other moms at the community playground or pool. You can resolve a lot of problems while you’re pushing your child in a swing.

Hang out at the children’s section of your public library. You’re bound to meet parents of other young children.

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