Summer Camp Conundrum

If you’re a working parent like me, you likely get stressed thinking about the end of the school year. What will my child do all day? Who will watch them? How will this affect my schedule? The list goes on.

What I do know is that I want to provide positive reinforcement, experimentation and social interaction for my kids even when they’re on summer break. The answer? Summer camp.

With so many programs to choose from, Kiddie Academy offers the following tips to help parents narrow down their choices:

  • Consider your childcare facility. You may not need to look any further than your current childcare facility for a summer camp program that combines the fun outdoor activities and adventure experiences of a typical camp program with quality academic instruction.  And, as a bonus, many of these programs provide the extended hours that busy two-working-parent families need.  Childcare-based programs are also a good choice if you have more than one child, since they typically accept more than one age group.
  • Focus on your child’s interests. Put your child’s interests before convenience. If the camp you choose is not a good match for your child’s interests and aptitudes, then you are heading for a summer-long battle.
  • Make it fun. While you may not be on vacation, your children are.  The summer camp program you choose should include a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities that give your children a chance to build confidence, explore their abilities, make new friends, learn new skills and just have fun.
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