I Want to be Supermom When I grow Up

As a new mom, things aren’t turning out to be exactly how I imagined. I somehow assumed I’d be supermom. And by that I mean: being able to exercise every day; cook a healthy, well-balanced dinner; clean; take care of the house; maybe watch some TV and enjoy a glass of wine; give my husband some attention…and, oh yeah, work a full day and spend quality time with my daughter. All while having clean hair, 8 hours of sleep and interest in what I wear. Fast forward to month six of motherhood and I’m lucky if I get three of those things accomplished. On days I can convince myself to get out of bed at 5 a.m. I can probably squeeze out three and a half accomplishments.

Then I read an article about a successful mom who started her own business while getting a master’s degree and raising three children and I suddenly felt even more inadequate. Is it my motivation level that is holding me back? Am I just lazy? Or are my expectations too high? I feel as if there’s a secret code word to joining the supermom club that my fellow moms didn’t tell me, so I’m left standing outside the clubhouse feeling shunned.

I have to thank my fellow blogger, Clair for her recent post that congratulates modern moms. It brought my sanity level up a notch. My new goal is to try to take one day at a time and be satisfied with each day. For now, I’ll be happy with four daily accomplishments.

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