It’s Okay to Talk About It

I read an article on NPR yesterday that talked about the difficulties of parenthood and how admittance of this fact comes with the stigma that you aren’t normal or are an unfit parent. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay to talk about it, and more importantly, it’s okay to feel beat down by the whole experience.

My daughter is eight months old and I’m still “mourning my pre-mommy” life as Martha calls it. The memories of being able to get up and go somewhere – alone! – or do things around the house without an infant needing my constant attention are still fresh. Last week I was able to walk to the liquor store by myself to get a bottle of wine on a beautiful evening and I felt an indescribable feeling of freedom in those short 15 minutes.

Monday, however, was a day when I questioned my decision to become a parent. After an entire day stuck inside – due to a downpour , zero errands to run and no playdates available – with a teething infant, who refused to nap and screamed incessantly for an hour and a half I had reached a breaking point.  Granted, after seeing her play happily in the bath and fall asleep easily at bedtime, after smelling her baby smell and feeling her skin, I felt better.

I’ve never been so happy to drop her off for child care than on Tuesday. We needed a break from each other. And conversations with other parents and friends and reading this article reiterated my feeling that it’s okay to talk about it, as often as necessary. And when all else fail, read mommy blogs – they talk about everything!

Can anyone else relate?

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