Teaching Children Humor at Home

Kiddie Academy helps children learn humor through our character education program. Humor can brighten our daily lives as we smile at amusing occurrences and laugh at silly situations. Having a sense of humor can also help children develop social skills and maintain emotional and physical health.

The power of humor doesn’t only benefit our children. It aids in adults’ well-being as well. Finding laughter in our daily lives can relieve stress, ease depression, loosen muscles and strengthen relationships.

Here are some ways you can encourage your child to develop and appreciate a sense of humor at home and reap the benefits for yourself as well:

  • Read a funny book. Try reading Wacky Wednesday by Theo Lesieg or the Funny Papers to launch some fun. Discuss the humor with your child as you read by asking him or her what’s funny about the story
  • Have a chocolate milk bubble blowing contest. Laugh as the bubbles get bigger and bigger.
  • Host a family circus. Dress up as clowns, serve cotton candy or popcorn and assist your kids in making props. This could be held inside or outside, and invite the neighbors if you want more participants. You could make this into a family tradition.
  • Play dress up. Have the entire family dress up as superheroes for dinner. These can be famous superheroes or let the kids create their own symbols and suits.
  • Animal charades. Kids can choose an animal to act out from their head or they can choose from a stack of cards that picture different animals. Show them that adults can be funny too by exaggerating the animal’s characteristics.
  • Knock, knock…who’s there? Let your children make up knock, knock jokes…they may not make sense, but that’s okay! Praise them for trying to be funny and their creativeness.

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