February 9, 2016

Ask Our Team Anything

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One of the most important aspects of selecting early educational child care is understanding different philosophies of education. Montessori, Erikson, Piaget, Vygotsky, Froebel…Progressive, Waldorf, Traditional, Emilia…understanding theories in early education is one thing, but choosing the right one for your child and family is quite another. It can be confusing for any new parent.

Part of doing your research to find quality, educational child care should be speaking with experts and not being afraid to ask the tough questions, or even questions you think might be trivial. That’s why we want to give you the chance to get answers directly from the education experts who develop the curriculum used in Kiddie Academies nationwide.

What technology do you offer in the classroom? What should I be looking for in my child’s daily schedule at school? Can I drop by and visit anytime? How much does child care cost? Whatever your burning questions are about child care, here’s your chance to get them answered by an expert team of education and curriculum specialists.

Today’s #29DaysofEssentials to-do: Ask the number one thing you want to know about, whether it’s teaching your kids about sharing, eating, or writing. Insert your questions below anonymously or with your contact information and we’ll answer every one.

Please keep in mind that questions regarding specific academies (hours, tuition at a specific location, etc.) should be directed to those individual academies.

This form is for Kiddie Academy experts to answer any questions you have about educational child care, educational teaching philosophies, curriculum and best practices for early childhood education in early learning settings.

Also, remember to include your name and email address by clicking the “advanced settings” tab under the question box if you want us to respond to you personally!


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