Thrift Store Shopping Tips for Families

I have a confession to make – I am a thrift store addict.  I don’t want help to overcome this addiction.  Actually, I’m recruiting others to this cause.

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Some of my friends don’t understand my fascination with stopping at every thrift store I see.  And I can’t comprehend their reluctance to buy stuff cheap.  Quite simply, I can’t resist the thrill of the hunt, and the joy of discovering a bargain.  For example, I’ve found Ralph Lauren sheets for $3, my sofa and loveseat for $100 and antiques for far less than eBay bids.  I rarely have to buy clothes for my kids at retail prices, and I’ve built a great library of children’s books.

In addition to saving a ton of money, I support the idea of repurposing and recycling whenever possible.  Our landfills are full of things that could have been given new life, and I want my children to know that.  In fact, we have a dedicated “donate” bin at our house that we regularly fill and drop off to our local thrift stores.  As a bonus, many of these shopping outlets are also connected to a charitable organization, giving me an extra incentive to de-clutter.

Would you like to join me in the bargain hunt?  Here are a few tips to get you started:

Thrift Store Bargains for Families

  • Clothes are an amazing deal at thrift stores…especially when you know your child will outgrow whatever you buy before too long.  In addition to everyday clothes, look for coats, special occasion or holiday attire.   I frequently find designer label clothes, including many with original tags still attached, in my local second-hand shops.
  • Children’s’ books, toys and games are always plentiful at thrift stores.  I often use a shopping trip as a math lesson for my kids.  I’ll set a budget, and challenge them to see how much they can find for that amount.
  • Craft supplies are another great find.  Yarn, wood projects, notions and even fabric are available at rock-bottom prices.  A quick stroll through Pinterest will give you ideas of how to repurpose or re-use many of the items found at thrift stores.
  • To find the best bargains, you need to be a regular shopper.  Unlike typical retailers, the inventory at a thrift store changes every day.  Stop in frequently to get the best selection.

For a directory of thrift shops in your area, visit The Thrift Shopper Thrift Store Listings or Resale Shopping.


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