Tis the season to be giving

Often times, during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we can get wrapped up in checking off our to-do list of decorating, shopping, and holiday and school parties and we may tend to forget what this time of year is all about. It’s normal. It can be easy to forget that simply having a roof over your head and family by your side allows us to make lasting memories with our children through holiday traditions. Some people in your communities may not be quite as lucky.  While you’re out shopping for loved ones and bringing cheer to your families this December, remember those less fortunate. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children the correct spirit for the holidays…the giving spirit!

Most of us hope that our children understand the joy of giving, but it can be challenging to teach kids the value of it during a season when they’re surrounded by messages focused on receiving. The good news is that children who learn the value of generosity will carry it with them for years to come. Sharing is difficult for concrete thinkers in the early years. It is important that children have guidelines to help them make decisions about giving.

  • Try making the concept of sharing fun by including youngsters in everyday activities. “I’m sweeping the floor, would you like to share the broom?” This gives them the ability to start understanding what sharing means; all the while they’re helping with tasks that make them feel important.  For older kids, try giving them an extra snack to share with a friend.
  • Volunteering with children is a great way to help them learn about giving back. Paying it forward doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. There are many different activities that will please any age range, resulting in good feelings for everyone!
  • Remember, the best example of generosity is YOU! As a parent, try to give and take, compromise and share with others daily.

In the spirit of kindness, will you be creating a new holiday tradition with your family this year? Kiddie Academy teaches children about generosity as part of their character education program.


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