December 14, 2012

Toddlers Do Not Make Good Flowergirls

I understand that having a flower girl in one’s wedding is a tradition that dates back to early Greek and Roman times (really, I’m not making this up) and is meant to scatter some type of flower or grain to represent fertility or eternal love or something…

However, it seems to me, as a mother of a two year old that tradition would be better served by a young girl that will ACTUALLY walk down the aisle  or ACTUALLY scatter said flowers. Not throw tantrums or refuse to move. And should that young girl not exist, then perhaps forgoing the flower girl tradition should be the next option. I’m sure the bride will still be fertile or happy in her marriage without stepping on a few wilted petals– trust me, I know.

Now, I probably could have declined the invitation to have my daughter as a flower girl in two back-to-back weddings, but being a first-time mom I was overwhelmed by this beautiful request.

And what I didn’t realize is this request doesn’t just include my daughter taking a quick jaunt down the aisle. It includes a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner–both of which take place right about the time I need her to be getting her ready for bed. It also includes more logistics than getting the President into Air Force One and off to Figi.

And let’s remember that instead of sipping champagne at 8 p.m. and socializing with friends, I’ll be spending most of the wedding chasing a cranky toddler that refuses to eat or sit still.

What is your experience with young flower girls or young children at a wedding? Any tips for this mom?

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