Top Five Lullabies to Sing Along With

An article from USAToday recently shared the results from a study that about one in four parents is using a mobile device to put their young children to sleep at night. In fact, the study revealed 28 percent of parents said they use a mobile device to put their children to sleep.

While more social interaction and meaningful conversation with little ones before bedtime is preferable over independent screen time, a quick search on YouTube for the word “lullaby” results in hundreds of thousands of bedtime songs you can sing along to with your children, or just listen to as you decompress from your day together before it’s time to turn the lights out.

Research shows that music makes your child a better learner and experts say that kids who are raised listening to music and singing songs are relishing a “rich sensory environment.” Why not continue listening all the way to bedtime?

Here are our top five picks for lullabies you can search for on your mobile device at bedtime tonight, or buy and download to have on hand every night…

1.      Leeny and Steve’s “Let’s See How Quiet We Can Be”

2.      Dreaming Angel by Bed Time Baby

3.      Billy Joel’s Goodnight My Angel Lullaby

4.      Goodnight Sweetheart, The Spaniels

5.      Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Judy Garland

Kiddie Academy also offers Music & More lessons in partnership with Kindermusik which build on a young child’s natural love of music, stories, movement and pretend play. Parents can download the free Kindermusik Radio app from iTunes (or get the full version that includes lyrics for $1.99). On Android, parents can find 25 albums of songs from Kindermusik International in the Google Play store.

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