October 10, 2014

Trip of a lifetime

What does “trip of a lifetime” mean to you?

I’m taking my kids on a trip this month. It’s not just any trip though; it’s THE trip of a lifetime for me as a parent. You know, one that will be “magical” in every sense of the word.

With all the hype surrounding this trip, I’m feeling a mixture of excitement, anxiety, gratefulness (did I mention anxiety?).  Just like any parent, I want everything and more for my kids. I can’t wait to see the magic and excitement in their eyes, but I think the pressure of forgetting something monumental for this trip is what’s keeping me up at night. I want everything to be PERFECT, but I know the reality is that nothing ever is.  And while I can guarantee it will be pretty darn close to perfect, I need to rest easy knowing that my kids will be thankful no matter what, and that’s enough for me.

How will it all play out? I’m not sure yet, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Trip of a lifetime here we come! Stay tuned…

What are your tips for planning the trip of a lifetime? Share in the comments section below!

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