Upcycle a jewelry box

It’s easy being green, so jump on the upcycle bandwagon and create affordable keepsakes in celebration of Earth Day!

Here’s an easy kid-friendly tutorial to make your own jewelry box using materials you already have on hand.

Jewelry Box One



  • Empty cardboard box (An old gift box is seen here. Using a leftover shoe box or egg carton is easy enough!)
  • Scissors
  • Tape and/or glue
  • Something to wrap the box with (fun ribbon or wrapping paper, old linens, newspaper (comics section would be fun), scrapbooking or construction paper works well too).
  • Leftover padding from gift box (if applicable)
  • Paint, stickers, glitter and cardboard sticks.



  • After you have gathered all your materials, measure and cut the paper or fabric around the lid and box (open side up), leaving enough excess material to come up over the sides.
  • Using tape, wrap the box completely and discard any leftovers.
  • Decorate the box using craft materials and glue.  Have your kids personalize with a hand print or a fun note inside.
  • If your leftover box has padding, make slits and use it to store rings and earrings.
  • Allow drying and you’re done!

This is great gift for Mom’s and little girls alike. Better yet, let the boys in your life create their very own treasure  box to keep collectibles in. The possibilities are endless!

Round Jewelry Box

For more information on recycled craft ideas, visit Kiddie Academy’s Pinterest page.

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