Vacation – all I ever wanted

Summer is here, which means my plus-size extended family travels to the “shore,” a two-hour road trip for a week-long getaway. That’s right folks – 22 people living the good life under one roof!  You’re probably thinking I’m bonkers; and I am, but it’s the only “vacation” I’ve ever known and therefore it’s a luxury regardless of the circumstances.

This trip was a little different than years past though – my husband and I would now be traveling with two babies in tow. Sure, I knew our car would be packed, probably with more than enough stuff for our kids, but I’d rather be prepared than not. I tried my best to start packing as far ahead as I could, but in the end we ultimately forgot to pack a few key essentials (travel cribs anyone?). Whoops.

It wasn’t until we started discussing the room set-up that we realized we forgot to bring a bed for my baby son!  And my daughter’s allergy medicine (I mean, talk about feeling like a loser Mom!). Oh, and towels. You know, because trying to air-dry an infant isn’t possible after a long day at the beach when they’re ready for a encounter

By the time we got to the beach and finished unpacking, I felt overwhelmed. How is it that I forgot so many important things this year?

Luckily for us, having a large family means someone is always ready and willing to help out (that, and different travel times makes it easier to ask for favors from those who have yet to leave).  In the end, someone was able to eventually bring everything we forgot. I guess vacationing with the circus isn’t so bad after all?  You may call it crazy, we just call it Griswold.

What are some of your vacation tricks? Do you pack ahead or go with the flow?


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