March 29, 2018

Overcoming the Drop off Drama



Separation anxiety is a natural part of development and how parents respond to it is essential to setting children up for successful future drop-off experiences at school, sleepovers, summer camp and beyond. Creating a reliable and consistent drop-off ritual helps kids make healthy and positive transitions while they learn to develop trust with both parents and teachers.


Working with more than 24,000 children nationwide, Kiddie Academy teachers and directors have a lot of experience helping parents get comfortable with the drop-off process so it becomes smooth and routine for parents, children and staff. Follow these tips for a drama free drop-off!

Stick to Routine. Creating a routine, and sticking to it, is crucial. Young children thrive on knowing what to expect. As you drive your little one to child care, discuss things your child can expect through out the day. Talk about things your child is learning in class, crafts they are working, and what you may have planned in the evening after school.

Expect some tears. Be flexible. This might be a big transition for your child and patience goes a long way to helping them through it.  Leave a family photo with your child to refer to if they are missing you during the day. Often times, a photo is enough to reassure most children.

Never sneak way. It’s hard on every working parent to say goodbye to their kids, but sneaking away can cause additional anxiety for your little ones. Express your confidence that they will have a great day, give a quick kiss, give a quick good bye, and say you will be back later.

Emphasize short and sweet. The best goodbyes are short and upbeat! Don’t linger with any “sweet sorrows.”

If your drop-off time is up and your child is still inconsolable, ask your child’s teacher to send you a text when your little one has stopped crying and started playing. It will probably be five minutes after you leave, but the piece of mind is treasured!

Watch Me Grow Photo

Watch them learn. Even if you experienced a dramatic drop off, most likely by the time you’re in your car and driving to work, your child has already settled down and is participating in their classroom activities. Tune into Kiddie Academy’s WatchMeGrow broadcast to see how quickly your child got over separation anxiety and is starting to have a great time!

Our helpful Drop-Off Ritual Tips info-graphic outlines some of our kid-tested, mom-approved drop-off tips- starting when you get out of the car and head into school. Check out our bonus tips from professionals who have been there: moms and dads like you!

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