2012 Annual Kiddie Academy Conference Recap – Families, SeaWorld and Snow

Q&A with Greg Helwig, President

This year’s annual Kiddie Academy Conference was nothing short of memorable. We sat down with Kiddie Academy President, Greg Helwig, who spoke to us about the conference’s highlights.

Q: What makes this event so important to the Kiddie Academy System?

Greg Helwig: The real benefit and the feedback that we continue to get is that it’s a great opportunity for franchisees to network with each other, share their stories, best practices, experiences, how they are overcoming obstacles and the innovative ways they are improving their businesses


Q: What was discussed at the sessions this year?

Greg Helwig: We talked about the ultimate customer service experience this year. Our keynote speaker, Dennis Snow (read about Dennis Snow in our previous blog!), discussed life as a former Disney training executive. He talked about how Disney’s techniques apply to our industry as well. So it was really meaningful because, like us, Disney thinks about customer service relative to its audience, which are children. He was fabulous, beyond good.


Q: What was your favorite part of the three-day conference?

Greg Helwig: It’s always nice to have the awards banquet and recognize the leaders in our community for the work they have done. We recognize our top brand ambassadors with awards like Franchisee of the Year, Brand Champion and more. The other unique and fun thing we did this year was we took our franchisees and their families over to SeaWorld for a guided VIP tour, which was a lot of fun and a great way to wrap up our Conference.

We really shook things up this year. We typically stay close to home, but this year we took it to Florida and we opened the event up to all the franchisee families. Mix in SeaWorld and you can call it a vacation, rather than a conference. It was such a success that we’re thinking we’d like to capitalize on it again next year. This is a big event for us, and it couldn’t have gone better.


Stay tuned for the next Kiddie Academy event. A sneak preview: It involves franchisees dressing up as Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George!


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