September 21, 2023

Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care presents Franchising 101

Someone gets a great idea for a business.

The idea becomes a successful business and the owner decides to franchise it.

The franchisor makes the business model available to entrepreneurs like you.

The franchisor

Agrees to provide:
-Existing business model
-Established brand
-Operating systems and processes
-Marketing strategy
-Ongoing support

-Reputation grows – The brand gets stronger as more people have access to the services.
-Business grows – The more franchises contributing royalties, the more revenue the franchisor can reinvest in the brand.

The franchisee

Agrees to:
-Represent the brand well at the local level
-Pay an initial franchise agreement fee
-Pay a recurring royalty fee in exchange for continued operational and marketing support along with other resources from the franchisor

-Established brand – A successful franchisor has spent years building good customer relationships and a consistent product or service.
-Tried and true business model – You’re following a proven plan, with resources and support to help you succeed.
-Ease of securing financing – You’re a good bet. Banks know the brand’s track record and are more likely to offer financing to franchises than to startups.

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