June 20, 2024

Myth Buster: Answering Potential Franchisees’ Most Asked Questions

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and the experience to back it up, you might be surprised to hear that you’re already well on your way to starting a franchise. We’ve rounded up the most common questions potential franchisees ask us with the aim to provide some clarity, offer a different perspective, and get you on track to owning your own Kiddie Academy® franchise.

“Shouldn't I have a background in education?”

It’s a common misconception that to develop and operate a Kiddie Academy, you must have a background in education. In fact, most current Academy owners don’t have a background in teaching or education at all. What they do have in common is this: a strong desire to work for themselves and impact the lives of children.

While providing educational child care is a critical part of the job, Kiddie Academy owners must also have the ability to increase and maintain enrollments, manage business operations and inspire a team of educators, and support the families of the children in their care. These skills can be garnered through various jobs including corporate management, serving in the military, working in tech, and more. Plus, when you franchise with Kiddie Academy, you inherit the strong community that comes with it. Whether you have a background in education or not, you become part of something bigger, where like-minded individuals support each other by offering knowledge and insights they’ve gathered throughout their various walks of life.

Vijay and Deepika Ilavarasan, who went from a successful career in technology to owning three Kiddie Academies in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, said “The Kiddie Academy model attracts very smart and creative minds who want to be more hands-on with how they run their business. Here, you have a collaborative community to lean on as opposed to more of a plug-and-play franchise model.”

“What if it’s not a good time? Being an election year and all...”

It’s true that with elections come higher levels of uncertainty, which can understandably raise concerns about whether it’s a good time to start a business. That said, elections do occur on a regular, ongoing basis, offering some predictability, and the early childhood education industry has proven time and time again to be recession resistant.

“Franchisees may face unpredictability in various forms during an election year including changes in regulations, shifts in consumer behavior, and fluctuations in the economy,” said Kiddie Academy Chief Development Officer, Jeff Brazier. “While franchisees should be conscious of these potential side effects, proper planning and communication can mitigate risk and help franchisees ensure a well-run operation and smooth transition regardless of the environment pre-election or any changes that come after.”

Educational child care is historically a non-partisan issue. Regardless of where someone stands politically, most agree that prioritizing high-quality education early on is critical to a successful future. This general appreciation for the industry creates a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

“Child care? Isn’t there too much competition?”

Despite the increasing number of child care centers across the country, the industry overall is still considered highly fragmented, and demand still outpaces supply in many areas. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for child care is at an all-time high, with wait lists getting longer in various markets. This presents an opportunity for incoming franchisees to differentiate themselves.

“As the demand for child care keeps growing, it’s more important than ever to find unique ways to set yourselves apart from the competition,” said Kiddie Academy Vice President of Education, Joy Turner. “One of the major ways we do this at Kiddie Academy is through our proprietary Life Essentials® curriculum. When parents drop their child off, they can rest assured that their little one is not only being cared for but also supported through various stages of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.”

Becoming a franchise owner can seem intimidating at first glance. It’s a big decision, after all. But the benefits of business ownership are well worth it. If you’re considering becoming Kiddie Academy franchise owner, reach out to us to request more information and we can help you get started on this potentially life changing journey.

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