July 21, 2020

Brazilian Entrepreneurs Experience the American Dream

Meet the A15 Group

The A15 Group of Kiddie Academy Franchisees is living the American Dream. So much so, in fact, they won an award named after it. This group of Brazilian business partners was awarded the 2020 American Dream Award by Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine, recognizing franchisees who have achieved remarkable success in their new country.

A15 opened its first Kiddie Academy location in 2016 in Clermont, Florida. They currently have six Florida Academies, including two – Hunters Creek and Winter Park – that opened this year. One member of the group, Luciana Madsen, will be relocating to Carmel-Westfield, Indiana, to operate their seventh Academy, scheduled to open in spring 2021, and they’ve just signed an agreement for another Florida Academy. That won’t be the group’s last. The number 15 in their name signifies the number of Academies the group ultimately wants in its portfolio. Franchisee Mauricio Fracon said, “Our investment allows us to think about opening 15 Kiddie Academies – hence the name A15, for 15 Academies. This is our dream. We aim to serve all students and families very well, be the right partner for our educators, make a difference in the community and give an excellent return to our business partners. And despite the temporary difficulties of this moment, I am convinced that we will be able to achieve all these objectives.”

A15 Group Academies

  • Kiddie Academy of Apopka, Florida (opened 2017)
  • Kiddie Academy of Clermont, Florida (opened 2016)
  • Kiddie Academy of Hunters Creek, Florida (opened 2020)
  • Kiddie Academy of Orlando-Conway, Florida (opened 2019)
  • Kiddie Academy of Oviedo, Florida (opened 2019)
  • Kiddie Academy of Winter Park, Florida (opened 2020)
  • Kiddie Academy of Carmel-Westfield, Indiana (scheduled to open spring 2021)

Education for a Better World

Before coming to America, Mauricio worked in education in Brazilian schools for more than 40 years. He helped develop more than 80 schools, creating a high-quality education system for children in need in his home country. That experience inspired him to replicate his success in the United States. “Prioritizing education above all else is the most important instrument to have a better world. That’s what brought me here from Brazil. I chose to live in the USA because I love this country deeply. I joined five Brazilian friends to form a partnership, represented here by me. We were interested in investing in North American schools and I chose early childhood education because there is ample space for us to develop a project in this area. I researched all groups and decided on Kiddie Academy for several factors, but the main one was Life Essentials® (the Kiddie Academy cornerstone philosophy and proprietary curriculum).”

Support From a Proven Player

Mauricio said the help he received from the Kiddie Academy corporate staff was invaluable. “We were guided all the time so that everything worked well. Working with a big player in the market like Kiddie Academy makes things a lot easier. All parameters are defined.

“I always tell everyone who comes to me that opening a school with Kiddie Academy is very good. I recommend everyone to follow faithfully what Kiddie Academy offers and prepare to implement it locally. We are very pleased with our relationship with this company.”

Mauricio Fracon and Luciana Madsen of the A15 Group

Mauricio Fracon and Luciana Madsen of the A15 Group celebrate their Franchisee of the Year nomination at the 2019 Kiddie Academy Conference in San Diego

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