Corporate Leaders to open a Kiddie Academy® Child Care Center

Taisha and Deepak Vazirani met while working as Financial Managers at AT&T– this couple knows what it’s like to work together and grow a successful business. With more than 25 years of combined corporate experience, working at companies such as Campbell Soup, Proctor & Gamble, Polo Ralph Lauren, and AT & T, they were looking to take the skills they learned in the corporate world to start a Kiddie Academy® Child Care Center. After starting their own family and having three young children attend various daycare centers, the Vazirani’s developed a passion for early childhood education. They decided to take their passion for early childhood education to the next level by opening their first Kiddie Academy® Child Care Center.

The Vazirani’s found that 65% of mothers with children six years of age and under are in the labor force and more than 70% of single mothers have jobs outside the home. (National Economic Impacts of the Child Care Sector, prepared by M. Cubed, a consulting firm specializing in resource economics and public policy analysis, and sponsored by The National Child Care Association). Three-quarters of children under the age of five whose parents are employed outside of the home receive daily care from people other than their parents. (Primary Child Care Arrangements of Employed Parents, Freya L. Sonenstein, Gary Gates, Stefanie R. Schmidt and Natalya Bolshun, Urban Institute). Studies show that children who receive high quality, center-based child care receive many long-term benefits. The Kiddie Academy® system’s mission; “to awaken the possibilities through nurturing, learning and fun,” sets it apart from others in the child care industry. Based on the Vazirani’s research, they found the business model and child care industry compelling reasons to invest in a Kiddie Academy®.

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