Educational Daycare Franchises for Non-Teachers

Do you need to be a teacher or have an educational background to open an educational daycare franchise?  At Kiddie Academy, we tell potential franchisees that previous experience in child care is not a requirement – and that sometimes gets a puzzled response.  Wouldn’t it be important to have industry experience in order to run your business well?  Across the board in franchising, the answer is often no.

Kiddie Academy Franchise OpportunitiesEducational Daycare Franchising for Non-Teachers

Why isn’t previous child care experience necessary when opening a Kiddie Academy franchise?   A daycare  franchise owner is responsible for running the business, and day-to-day activities include hiring staff and keeping them motivated, analyzing sales results, controlling expenses and creating plans for growth.  To do all of that, you don’t have to know how to work with children.  You have to know how to think like a manager and businessperson, and in that capacity, you hire an experienced center director and wonderful staff to work with the children.

In addition, Kiddie Academy offers tremendous support to our franchisees, including our proprietary Life Essentials curriculum, and a dedicated Franchise Business Consultant to help you succeed.

Franchise Options That Require Previous Industry Experience

Food or retail franchise opportunities often require previous industry experience, and with good reasons. High-inventory businesses like food or retail are high-risk:  mismanage or lose your inventory, and you’ve just lost a lot of money.  Especially when the inventory is perishable and has time or temperature requirements, inventory management skills are essential, as there’s little room for error.  In addition, food and retail businesses tend to be low-margin, requiring intense and complex daily sales analysis. Knowing exactly how these demanding industries fit with your professional skills and personal life is key to being able to hang in for the long-term.

So what’s the verdict?  Do you need experience in an industry to be a successful franchisee?  The answer is mostly no, but sometimes, yes, and it’s important for first-time franchisees to know the difference.

For more information about becoming a Kiddie Academy franchise owner, please contact us.  You can also read more Kiddie Academy parent and franchisee reviews on our YouTube channel.


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