Kiddie Academy’s Flagship Corporate Location Featured by Playground Vendor

Kiddie Academy’s preferred playground vendor, Grounds for Play, featured Kiddie Academy’s flagship corporate location in their sales catalog recently as a “Site Inspiration.” Take a look at the magazine feature spread and experience the full playground through a virtual video below…

“Located in Abingdon, Md., the Kiddie Academy Corporate Headquarters’ outdoor play environment features essential play areas for children. A large infant and toddler space stimulates learning through panels and Infant Corner Boxes. For older children, the environment features plenty of outdoor activities including a steel structure, dramatic play element, such as our Polytone Playhouse and a trike track, a music and science area, and a soccer field with goal.”



The majority of Kiddie Academy’s corporate office staff are parents! Many of them have children who attend the company’s flagship corporate location at the Kiddie Academy of Abingdon. Some of those children are pictured above in this magazine feature.

The vendor, Grounds For Play, installed a play environment that features numerous different types of play — physical, dramatic, nature, and musical. Pre-school aged children can choose to play in multiple areas from the shaded musical area to the trike track and dramatic play area. Children aged 6-23 months have fenced-in separate area that includes an Infant Exploratorium for those children still crawling while other equipment was provided, such as the Step Activity Center, for walking toddlers.

Take a look at the virtual video tour of the entire playground here:

Research shows that play is the key to the physical, mental, intellectual and social well-being of young children. For many young children, playing outside on the playground is the most active part of their day, which is why Kiddie Academy believes the Academy’s playground and playtime are vitally important to fulfilling every child’s developmental, learning and personal interests.

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