Planning is Key to Grand Opening Success

Every new business owner wants their business to become a staple within their respective community. That’s because a successful grand opening generates what business owners love most: positive word-of-mouth and, ultimately, loyal customers. So, once the lease is signed and you have the infrastructure in place, it’s important to open with a bang and get people excited about your business!

Here are a few helpful tips for planning your Kiddie Academy grand opening:

1. Review Budget – and Set Aside Proper Funds

As a first step, work grand opening promotional and event costs into your initial budget so all related expenses are accounted for well in advance on things like supplies and equipment.

From a red carpet to entertainment to an on-site photo booth, there are many fun add-ons you select to help make your grand opening event memorable. While fun, they can be costly, so be sure to put pen to paper and make your “wish list” of extras before committing.

This event sets up your sales for your entire first year in business, so make sure it’s properly accounted for!

2. Plan In Advance

Planning should begin well before the paint dries and fixtures are installed. Book promotional media or vendors early—about 8-10 weeks in advance of your event, and consider advertising on Facebook, through direct mail and inviting all of the inquiries you’ve gotten while you were under construction to help generate interest from local residents. Also, consider inviting the Mayor and other local celebrities and officials as a way to drive attendance. Start planning your GO Event as soon as you have your soft open, and make it four-eight weeks out from the date you are licensed and officially opened.

With Kiddie Academy’s built-in marketing support, franchisees have turnkey PR support designed to help generate awareness and interest for their event in their local market. Our public relations team will draft and distribute a customized, grand opening press release, and send it out to all key local media contacts in their area as a means to drive buzz for the event and the new Kiddie Academy business.

3. Ask Yourself: What’s in it For Them?

It’s nice to think that prospective families in your area will visit your franchise opening for the sheer excitement that you’re new in town. But just in case they need a push, be sure give both parents and their children good reason to attend. Consider offering free activities such as facepainting or bubblemaking; invite a special guest like costumed character or well-known author; conduct an educational workshop; or host a raffle where proceeds go to a local non-profit, because who doesn’t get excited about the prospect of winning a prize? In addition, cause-related events and charity benefits tend to drive more media coverage—and thus, attendance. Plus, it always feels good to give back!

If franchisees are lucky enough to have their grand opening around one of Kiddie Academy’s national events, such as Storytime LIVE!, franchisees can host their grand opening along with the event, which is sure to drive multitudes of prospective parents to the event.

At the end of the day, if you have something for everyone (parents and children alike) it will be a well-received event. Make it a family-friendly, unique event and you’re sure to see success—and new students!


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