Working Parents Find Work-Life Balance with Kiddie Academy Franchise Ownership

Achieving the ideal balance between your business and personal lives is something all working parents dream of. Ownership of a Kiddie Academy franchise is a great way to help make that dream come true. As a franchisee you’ll be able to combine the worlds of professional fulfillment and family harmony.

Saj Rizvi and his wife, Sunny, own multiple Kiddie Academy franchises in the Chicago market. Before they opened their first Academy in 2008, Saj worked at a major entertainment venue that required him to work weekends and holidays for over 20 years. “I was looking for better work-life balance,” he said. “If I was going to make a career change, I wanted to move toward an option that provided flexibility, freedom and financial stability. Being able to have our children with us while also providing a quality childcare option for our community seemed like a perfect situation.”

For Eric Ng, ownership of the Kiddie Academy franchises in Pflugerville and Round Rock, TX, allows him to spend more time with his children and share in their key developmental milestones. “My children get to be in the same school as I am, so I know firsthand that they’re safe and learning lots of things every day.”

These are stories that are often echoed by others. Among the life-balance benefits that Kiddie Academy franchisees often point out are:

– Reclaim your nights, weekends and holidays – Unlike other businesses that might require long hours into the night, working weekends or on holidays, educational child care operates on a predictable schedule that gives you more control of your time.

– You have a network to back you up – If you’re a Kiddie Academy franchisee, your Director is a valuable source of support and backup for you. They can give you the freedom to set your own hours so that you have the flexibility to integrate all your life commitments into your day.

– Kiddie Academy franchise ownership can create the financial stability you want – Following a proven game plan gives you a jump start on running a successful business. And when your business is successful, it provides you with the flexibility to spend more time with your family, doing the things you want to do.

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