Parents Testimonials

I love the teachers and the curriculum. Mostly, I love how much my daughter loves going. I feel she is in a safe environment where she is learning and thriving. I am sad that I have to work and can't be with her during these early stages, but I feel she benefits more from Kiddie Academy that she would from me if I were a stay at home mom! - Alexandra F. on 02/13/2013

Friendly staff, very hands on. Our child is always excited to go to school - Christopher S. on 02/13/2013

The staff is amazing! Lots of hands on activities and learning opportunities throughout the day. - Lauren C. on 02/13/2013

I like how my daughter's teachers are very aware of and have a sense of urgency with her needs. I also like how they communicate well with me about my daughter's progress. My daughter loves to be at school and I feel very comfortable leaving her with her primary caregiver knowing that she is in good hands. - Nicole H. on 02/12/2013

I like the owners and the staff. They genuinely care about the children they are caring for. - Bonnye B. on 02/12/2013

Field trips, parent involvement. - Beth B. on 02/12/2013

Staff is great! - Louise L. on 02/11/2013

Children are in a small environment where they have more attention to themselves and one on one education - Dian/Patrick S. on 02/11/2013

The cameras help me a lot to feel better when I am away from my daughter when at work to be able to check in and see she is napping eating or playing. I also like the responsiveness to feedback and suggestions on the part of the staff. You have hired excellent staff in the wanderers room. Miss rayna is excellent as lead teacher and the other women who work with her daily are excellent. I hope staff in the rooms to come are as great. Thank you for building this excellent learning center in our community. Yes I am very likely to recommend it to my colleagues. Do you do conferences? I saw this on the wall and wasn't sure what they were exactly or if they were by request? Have a good day, Amanda Toscano - Amanda T. on 02/11/2013

My child has surprised me with the things she learns like the months of the year, for example. The teachers have been great. - Sheri C. on 02/10/2013

The staff is excellent. They help with special requests due to diet restrictions and allergies with my child. They truly care about your children and take care of your child with no worry while you are at work. - Tiffany C. on 02/08/2013

I love that you update me about what my children are doing through paperwork and verbally. I also like that although my babies aren't old enough to do crafts yet, the staff still take the time to do it with them!! And I know my oldest is learning since she sings songs and talks about what she does in class. - Heather M. on 02/07/2013

The care that the teachers give each child, the activities they plan for the children - even in the infant rms, the daily reports are EXTREMELY helpful, video access and personal attention given to each child. The weekend activities they plan for the kids is a huge plus for the kids and parents. - Suzanne F. on 02/07/2013

I feel that my son is in an environment that promotes learning and does it in an interesting and fun manner that my son truly enjoys. I like that there is a wide spectrum of subjects, such as speech and social skills, along with emotional awareness and art/music. The teachers are always engaged and pleasant each time I pick my son up or drop him off. Thanks! - Samantha B. on 02/07/2013

I think the facility is great as well as the teachers, although I think the class size for Ava's class is WAY too big. I understand that Nina's class is getting split up when the upstairs class opens, but honestly it cannot happen fast enough. - Jill C. on 02/06/2013