Parents Testimonials

The curriculum is phenomenal, I love everything about it. - Leslie L. on 12/15/2014

I love that my children get to learn so much. It is an added bonus that they are excited and love to go to school every day. - Larasha N. on 12/15/2014

Everything - Veronica E. on 12/15/2014

Ms. Amanda is wonderful, creative, and really understands the students. My son loves coming into her class and learning!! He even asks to come on non school days :) - Janice K. on 12/15/2014

I love the exposure to so many ideas and concepts! The kids are constantly learning and growing without realizing it! It's so much fun for them! - Karen B. on 12/15/2014

Great Curriculum and awesome staff. - Stacey M. on 12/15/2014

Everything, I like especially how your teachers engage with the children - Oscar J. on 12/15/2014

The new things and curriculum the kids are learning everyday. Social and problem solving skills the kids learn. Also as a divorced father it's great to see pictures and know what my son is learning everyday which helps me stay connected with him. It's a great place with a good staff. Would absolutely recommend. - Alejandro D. on 12/15/2014

Nice and vivid atmosphere. My son is really happy at Kiddie Academy. The curriculum is tailored to the needs of age specific children and my son enjoys every moment at Kiddie. - Ewa R. on 12/15/2014

Personalization given to each child even though the program has an extensive curriculum. True sense of passion demonstrated by the employees at the Wexford location for the job that they do. - Kirsten B. on 12/15/2014

strength of program - Priscilla H. on 12/15/2014

I like the tadpoles facility where I can get the daily updates about my kid. I also like that I am able to see my kid through the camera at all times. I like the teachers as well. - Deepali A. on 12/15/2014

My kids really enjoy themselves at Kiddie Academy. They have a great time after school where they can choose what activities interest them rather than making them stick to an activity that is pre-chosen for them. - Marie B. on 12/15/2014

The friendly staff and educational materials. - Charles W. on 12/15/2014

Close to work and flexible scheduling - Lisa St. C. on 12/15/2014