Parents Testimonials

Everything! Wonderful Teachers and Staff. Our daughter has learned so much at Kiddie Academy. - Barbara A. on 12/15/2014

I love how accesible the teachers are, there is not a day that goes by that I dont get feedback from the teacher! Also the activities that are held for each month/season celebrating holidays to the fullest. I love how my child is learning great manners! I can clearly distinguish what is an input from home and what is a teaching from the school. Such great people taking care of my beloved child every day! - Ruth R. on 12/15/2014

Teachers are great with the kids - Dina P. on 12/15/2014

The teachers in every class take great care of the kids and there are plenty of activities that help kids learn different things and keep them entertained. - Hetal T. on 12/15/2014

It appears that the children are very well monitored and receive teacher interaction. - Tony W. on 12/15/2014

Kiddie Academy is family to us! The classes are VERY clean, teachers kind, and owners responsive. Love them! - Kim B. on 12/15/2014

Clean facility and fantastic staff! - Cameron E. on 12/15/2014

the feedback is great. tadpoles helps so we can continue learning at home and discuss about his day. - Meghan B. on 12/15/2014

Educational foundation; meals included - Donna K. on 12/15/2014

It's a great daycare/ preschool and I absolutely love the staff:) - Sidrah M. on 12/14/2014

Kiddie Academy professionals go out of their way to make you and your child feel welcome. The teachers keep parents up to date with daily happenings in the classroom via face to face interaction and email, the administrators know each parent and child by name, and the community is welcomed to participate in events with open arms. It's an amazing place for children to learn and grow and parents to feel confident about their childcare choice. - Melissa M. on 12/14/2014

Time range of operation. Online video. - Jane N. on 12/14/2014

Picture sent of my child's work at school - Lia P. on 12/14/2014

I am very happy with this day care. All the teachers are kind and enjoy working. The school is using technology and encouraging the older students to use same. The food is excellent and i especially like all the planned activities which are included as part of our tuition. The only suggestion I have is on the menu...instead of listing it week one, week would be easier to follow if it was following a regular calendar. I.e. on December 14th and list the menu. - Kavita B. on 12/14/2014

The staff and watch me grow app that allows me to watch my child at all times - Danielle F. on 12/14/2014