Parents Testimonials

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I am very satisfied with our overall experience with Kiddie Academy. The teachers are amazing. The administartion is always accessible and extremely helpful. - Josh R. on 11/14/2010

I love the teachers that work there, they are very freindly and nice. - Lauren K. on 11/14/2010

I like the fact that children are assigned to classes based on ability and not just age. I also appreciate the small classroom sizes. - Kristen T. on 11/13/2010

Its not just a daycare but more like school. The teachers seem to really love what they do and love the kids. Very clean facility! - Jessica D. on 11/13/2010

Facility, friendly/caring staff - Craig L. on 11/13/2010

I am extremely happy with the service, the childcare, and the academics taught at the school. My daughter loves it and she has made so many friends. She has learned so much and is more than ready for kindergarten. The teachers are all wonderful and very friendly. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! - Blanca S. on 11/12/2010

The staff is very helpful and present a clean and safe environment for the kids. Communication seems to be good for the most part. Would like more communication for the kindergarden program such as a cirriculum or what the current projects are. - Robert L. on 11/12/2010

I enjoy seeing my child coming home with drawings,paintings,etc, knowing he is doing fun and educational activities! - Kim L. on 11/11/2010

I love the daily reports to us give us the opportunity to really see if our children are really eating what they are suppose to eat in order to grow and to have a healthy life. - Denise L. on 11/10/2010

What I like about your center is the teachers are very experienced. - Jenyva J. on 11/10/2010

The teacher are not only caring but they are all Illinois certified with degrees or at least an associates. - David N. on 11/10/2010

I like the amenities of your site along with parents' night out, the parties that you do as well. It's a nice school. Turnover has caused me some discomfort through the years but I am very happy with Louis's teachers now. - Amanda P. on 11/10/2010

I think that Kiddie Academy of Islip Terrace has helped me in providing my child Victoria with excessive knowledge about everything from academics to everyday life experiences. I am grateful to all the staff at the center that take the time in helping our children learn and grow to be independent knowledgeable children. Being a working parent is not easy when children expect attention all the time, but being a single working parent is even harder and Two thumbs up for Kiddie Academy for the help. - Vanessa C. on 11/10/2010

They have a very good curriculum first and for most, not many daycare's even have a curriculum , everyday they are learning from each subject math, science, reading....and they learn and take in so much and I see the difference in my child everyday that he comes home. And Im so happy to know that not only are watching my son they are teaching him and showing new and educational things everyday. - Claudia C. on 11/10/2010

Facilities are great, excellent location for me, times to check-in and check-out is very important to me. Staff is very friendly. - Osvaldo M. on 11/10/2010