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recommend all the time! - Robin M. on 06/27/2016

Excellent teachers that care about our child. - Allison N. on 06/27/2016

Everything. The staff, culture and families. - Tina W. on 06/21/2016

The teachers are amazing and the curriculum is excellent. We have had all three of our children at Kiddie Academy and would not go anywhere else! - David W. on 06/06/2016

Very process oriented and dedicated to child learning - Meenakshi C. on 04/19/2016

I have two boys who are 8 and 4. My older son spent one year in KA for preschool. My younger one spent all 3 years here from 2 to 5 and he is graduating this summer. I want to give a complete review to this day care, before we leave. What I cared most is whether the teachers love my kids. I am 100% satisfied with KA. The classroom teacher surely cares about my son. How do I know? My sons came home saying:”Honey Bun, you…..” or “You know you can do better….” I believe he learned these words from his teachers because my family speaks Chinese. Apparently the teachers use sweet languages to warm and encourage him. Another thing I am happy about is: most of the teachers (from different classrooms) know my son and they give ‘Hi’ and hugs to him. I believe they do the same to other kids too. We are deeply impressed by all the four classroom teachers my son has experienced: Ms. Yowanda, Stephanie, Debbie, and Boston. My older son transferred from another day care to KA. I can see the sharp comparison in teachers’ attitude. The other day care claims they are academically advanced (The director corrected me calling them as a “day care”. She said they are a “school”). But what I felt was they were quite cold and the atmosphere was intense. As to academy, to be honest, my younger son learned more in KA than my older son did in the other day care, at same ages. My younger son is doing 2-digit addition, quite some English words, and lots of Mandarin, and some Spanish. I personally did not teach him much. I also like the way the director (Ms.Tricia) works. She is very quick in response. Other teachers at the door are very responsible and available when the director is not in office. Sorry I have to think about the other day care, where parents are not supposed to access the director’s office freely. About environment of KA – I am very satisfied. Classrooms are bright, clean and new-looking. Toys are up to date and very educational. Outside play sets are new; yards are covered - Yongmei C. on 04/04/2016

I like the individual attention that each child is paid. I think Kiddie Academy does an excellent job of combining learning and development with play. They do a great job of preparing kids to enter kindergarten. - Libbi M. on 03/28/2016

He learns a wide range of subjects and languages to better prepare him for grade school. The camera system also gives me comfort to check on his needs throughout the day. - Nicole S. on 03/28/2016

As a working mother, I truly appreciate the care & attention that my son has always received from the entire staff at Kiddie Academy. Knowing that he is in loving arms during the day is very reassuring & the peace of mind that any parent could ask for. - Jennifer D. on 03/28/2016

The staff at Kiddie Academy is amazing! - Brooke W. on 03/28/2016

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