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That the staff are very knowledgeable about the babies developmental needs and help us the parents in how to care for our baby. - Julie S. on 12/22/2015

The staff goes above and beyond to provide excellent care and instruction. - Libbi M. on 12/22/2015

All the staff at Kiddie Academey are kind, helpful and really cares about children. There is never a time that I havent felt comfortable with my child being at school! They treat each child like their own❤️ - Raven C. on 12/22/2015

As a full time parent of Kiddie Academy I enjoyed the significance that was placed on a strong curriculum from 2's moving on as well as significance placed on core values of sharing and caring. Valuable skills to be learned during a pivotal age. As the Parent of an after school care, I love the fact that these skills and values are not forgotten on the students of after school care. KA ensures help is provided with homework while those social skills are still being developed and adhered to. There is strong community between Educators and Parents at Kiddie Academy. I could not be more pleased to have had my child here for 3 years thus far. - Candida S. on 12/22/2015

I like the attentive level of care that my child receives. I would like more effort to be made to keep my child dry and cleaner when playing outside and eating. - Kristen E. on 12/22/2015

Everything! The staff is amazing. They love my child and are very tuned in to his needs and are excellent with communicating with me. - Erin M. on 12/22/2015

My son learns something new every week and the program is so consistent that he also retains it. All of his teachers are wonderful and caring individuals. There has been a tremendous positive change in him since he began at kiddie academy. - Jennifer V. on 12/21/2015

Quality of care, great teachers and staff - Becky S. on 12/21/2015

The staff is amazing and really takes the time to help and show my child the love and support I am unable to while I am at work. I am very pleased. - Sunday L. on 12/21/2015

- Hours of availability - Curriculum - Miesha B. on 12/21/2015

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