December 23, 2016

5 Last-Minute Educational Holiday Gifts

Even if you’re looking for last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers this year, you’ll want to make sure your children will get the most out of them.

Look through our 2016 Educational Holiday Gift Guide for ideas under the four categories, “Want, Need, Wear, Read.” 

You can also look at what educational toys Kiddie Academy students really want for the holidays based on what we see them playing with inside local Academies!

We also have five, last-minute educational gift ideas you can pick up in between shopping for Apple Pie ingredients and getting supplies for the gingerbread house decorating contest at school (hint: gift idea #5 below might help you win!).

Jenga ($16.99)


Where to get it: Wal-Mart, Target, Toys “R” Us

Great for: working on fine motor skills and steadiness of hand, along with hand-eye coordination

Dominoes ($8.00)


Where to get it: Target One Spot, Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us

Great for: learning to count, recognition of matching tiles, taking turns, cause and effect

Chalk Markers ($12.00)


Where to get it: Local office supply store, CVS, Target, Wal-Mart

Great for: mess-free creativity

Coleman Kids LED Head Lamp ($6.29)


Where to get it: Any local sporting goods store, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears

Great for: bedtime reading, hands-free exploring for indoor and outdoor learning activities

Frozen Sugar Cookie Castle Kit ($19.00)


Where to get it: Bed, Bath & Beyond (not available for sale online), Big Lots

Great for: hand-eye coordination and motor skill development; creativity with decorating

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